(ACT Card)Reader Request Form

Action Card Reader Details
Action Card Reader Details

Student organizations can check-out Action Card readers for specific events and programs.  With an Action Card reader you can track participation, collect Bama Cash for admission fees or charitable donations in amounts up to $5.00, and verify attendance of members or participants at a designated event or program. 

Interested organizations should submit an 
Action Card Reader Application through this online process with details regarding the purpose, location, and logistics of the proposed event and/or program.  Organizations interested in utilizing Action Card Readers should submit their application at least two weeks in advance to allow for proper review and notification of approval. 

Use is subject to approval by the Division of Student Affairs, Action Card/Auxilliary Services, and any other University of Alabama entity deemed appropriate and/or necessary.  

Fees for Attendance Reporting:  $60.00 per reader per month or $5.00 per reader per day due at time of return; Reader for Bama Cash:  Assessed for 3.5% for total amount collected in Bama Cash; $25.00 Late Fee per reader per day