Student Event Catering Donation Form

Student Event Catering Fund Policies & Procedures

Enterprise Operations


University Dining Services, a part of Enterprise operations, is proud to be a part of the University of Alabama and is committed to positively impacting the campus community it serves by providing special assistance to eligible programs and organization events.  Each year we set aside limited portions of our budget so that we can give back to our community through gifts in kind to support student groups that serve the University of Alabama and enhance the academic excellence and vibrant culture of UA.  Annually, Enterprise Operations is committed to providing up to $50,000 in support for student events and programs at UA.

University Dining receives a large volume of donation requests; unfortunately, we cannot honor every request.  Implementation of this policy allows us to be fair and maximize our community contributions. 


This program is open to UA recognized student organizations in support of campus programming initiatives.

Requirements and Guidelines:

  • Eligible student groups must be registered and in good standing as a student organization with the University of Alabama.  Requests must be made by a student officer or member, not an advisor.
  • Student organizations may only receive a catering donation once per academic semester.  Donations to an organization may not exceed $1,000 annually.
  • The donation must be for a program or event.
    • General organization meetings (including recruitment) will not be approved.
    • Donations will not be approved for events where there is an admission charge/fee as a means for fundraising for the student organization.
    • Priority is given to programs/events taking place on the University of Alabama campus.
    • Priority is given to programs/events that are advertised and open to all students at UA.
    • Donations should not be for the benefit of specific individuals or families.
    • Donations will not be approved if intended for resale.
    • The application must be submitted at least 14 days in advance of the scheduled event.
    • Donations are for pick up only.
      • See the Student Event Catering Pick-up List for suggested items and pricing.
        • National Brand Items – Approved donations are picked up from the retail location.
          • Pick up is available during the location’s normal business hours.
          • Paper products are NOT included with your pick up.  If you need paper products, please specify in your request.  Paper products will need to be picked up separately from the Crimson Catering office during business hours.
      • Catering Items - Approved donations are picked up from the Ferguson Center Crimson Catering office.
        • Pick up is available Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 4:45 pm.
        • Paper products (plates, napkins, etc.) will be included with your pick up.
  • If picking up for a later event, plan room temp and or cold items.  If picking up cold items for a later event, plan adequate refrigeration space to hold these items safely until your event.
  • Beverages, except coffee, and alcoholic beverages cannot be donated.  For information on Pepsi donations for student orgs, please see
  • Please display the Enterprise Operations donation tent card at your event.
  • Cancellations of donations must be made in writing 4 business days prior to your event to Holly Grof in the Enterprise Operations office by email at