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Thursday, March 23 2017, 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM

The beginnings of something revolutionary for women's health. HUSH is a documentary by pro-choice director Punam Kumar Gill. In it, she provides an in-depth analysis of information that she believes is being left out of the abortion debate. She interviews doctors, researchers and other professionals from both sides of the aisle to find answers, and then she poses questions for the viewers to facilitate further discussion.

You can view the HUSH Trailer and read more about the film and the Director here: http://hushfilm.com

"Hush, which seems to me an objective overview of the situation, should be seen by pro-choice women, pro-life women and women who are simply concerned about themselves or their daughters achieving their reproductive goals with optimal chances for long-term health. That is to say, by pretty well all women." -BARBARA KAY, NATIONAL POST  

Lloyd Hall, room 120

503 6th Ave, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
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Recruitment Event